ATV Committee


With the growth of members utilizing ATV’s within the property the board of directors saw the need to establish an ATV Committee. This committee is responsible for ATV events held during the year on the property and to assist with issues that involve ATV’s on the property.

(photo: Poker Run)

 Currently various events are held throughout the year. These events are a way to bring members together to enjoy an activity and share information. Many of these events have prizes that awarded to the top participants.

The board approved establishing an ATV Trail system in the Deadens area. This was created to establish and area for year round ATV riding. This was to help take the stress off the main wildlife hunting area and is consistent with a proper land management plan that establishes separate areas for motorized recreation from wildlife hunting areas. The board encourages all ATV riders to utilize this riding area. There is no night riding of any kind in any of the hunt wildlife areas. The animals are nocturnal and we need to be mindful of that.

The association took possession of a Polaris 6x6 Ranger that was obtained through a Polaris T.R.A.I.L.S. Grant program. The Ranger was then converted to be utilized as an off-road patient rescue vehicle. This work was donated by Best Buy Polaris in Fort Pierce, FL.

The board asks all ATV riders as well as Jeep and Buggy drivers to practice “Tread Lightly” principals when on the property. It is important that existing trails and roads are utilized and new ones are not created. Make yourself aware of what a wet pond area is. Please do not drive in the canals or wet pond areas these are sensitive areas and this could subject you to a fine.

Please make yourself aware of association rules and applicable state statutes as they pertain to ATV’s and their operation on the property. All ATV’s are required to have a flag this is for your safety. In the heavily wooded areas it can be hard to see approaching ATV’s around a corner. The flag is easier to see. Be aware that all roads and trails are two way traffic. The camping area roads are maintained with your funds. The speed limit on camp roads is 10 mph please respect this, if you want ride faster please utilize the playpen area.

The property is a vast area when riding please make yourself aware of landmarks or utilize a GPS to minimize the chances of becoming lost. There have been many occasions of riders becoming lost and having to spend the night in the woods. A suggestion is to notice the radio towers. One is on CR-630 and the other one is on S.R. 60. These are good permanent land marks to help guide you in the general direction you need to go. As you ride notice the intersections you pass for a land mark such as a tree or something that will help you find your way back.

Ride safe and enjoy the area. For more information you can contact your District Director.

*Attention: Due to liability issues there are no pets allowed at any River Ranch event, with the exception of service dogs. Anyone who brings a pet will be asked to leave.