Property Owner Membership

Membership dues are $175 and are good for 12 months after purchase.  Dues need to be renewed every 12 months to be a member in good standing.  Only people who own property within River Ranch and are up to date on their property taxes, can purchase a membership.  A membership is good for the property owner, their spouse and their kids who are under the age of 21 that live within the property owner's home. 

In order to become of member of RRPOA you need to own at least 100% of 0.31 acres of property.  The ownership percentages can be found on the Polk County Property Appraisers website.  A breakdown for your convenience is found below:

100% - 0.31 acres

50% - 0.62 acres

33% - 0.93 acres

25% - 1.25 acres

12.5% - 2.5 acres

6.25% - 5.0 acres

We have grandfathered in some memberships on property that have multiple owners and those owners have been notified regarding the amount of memberships/property that needs to be owned, examples are below:

0.31 acres – 1 membership

0.62 acres – 2 memberships

0.93 acres – 3 memberships

1.25 acres – 4 membership

2.5 acres – 8 memberships

5.0 acres – 16 memberships

It should be noted that a legally married couple is considered 1 person since in the eyes of the law both spouses have rights to marital property.  What this means is that a legally married couple on a 1.25 acre property that owns 12.5% and 12.5% would be considered as owning 25% on that property and would be able to get a membership. 

We are providing this information because just owning property in River Ranch does not entitle you to get a membership.  You need to own enough property in River Ranch in order to get a membership.  The above ratios are based on how the property in River Ranch Acres was originally sold by Gulf America.  Originally 1.25 acres of property was sold to 4 people, at the most, who may or may not have know each other (hence 1.25/4 = 0.31 acres).  Each of those 4 people on that property were able to get one membership in River Ranch.  As the years progressed people added additional people or changed who were on the deeds to these properties, but RR tried to keep only 4 memberships per 1.25 acres.  With the amount of properties being bought and sold it became very difficult to determine if members owned enough property so River Ranch decided to make tracking easier by going off the percent ownership of property according to the Polk County Property Appraisers website and grandfather in those from before.  This was policy was adopted around 2015.

Sometimes deeds get slipped by the gate and are not caught right away, but above is the policy that River Ranch tries to abide by regarding ownership of property in order to get a membership.

ORV Permit

Each member is required to have an orange ORV permit on all vehicles that utilize the trails within River Ranch.  Each membership will be given two free permits.  Additional vehicles will require additional permits and can be purchased at a cost of $5 each.

Discount Memberships

Members who are not able to fully utilize the property for recreational purposes may contact Ms. Sandy Edwards, the Gate Manager, for approval for a discount membership.  This is for members who are not able to hunt, ride ATVs, etc.  Cost of this membership is $87.50 and can only be purchased at the gate.   For more information inquire at the front gate.

Spouse Cards

For ease of signing spouses in and out of River Ranch a spouse card can be purchased at a cost of $10.  This will enable the spouse to enter or leave the property without having the property owner sign them in or out.

and Sign-Out Procedures

All members, their spouses and children 16 years of age or older must physically get out of their vehicle, present the membership card or ID and sign in each and everytime you come into River Ranch property.  This includes when you leave to go get gas or go to town and return.  Members and their families do not have to sign out when leaving the property.  Please do not block the driveway so that members who have already signed in can get thru the gate.


*Attention: Due to liability issues there are no pets allowed at the front.  Please leave your pets in the vehicle when signing in.