Green Team


It was also voted to increase the fines for people who violate RRPOA rules from $100 to $1000. FWC will be helping patrol RRPOA and enforcing rules regarding wet ponds and riding in the canal. We are currently working on a tri-fold map for members with wet ponds listed, along with GPS coordinates of the wet ponds and roads around them marked on the map.

While we are working on this map we are also encouraging members to use the following website that is a national inventory of wetlands Simply follow the instructions for the wetlands mapper. It can be used on your phone and will work with your phone's GPS to let you know exactly where you are so that you can determine if you are in a wetland or not. We have put signs up on many of the wetlands around River Ranch and most if not all signs have been destroyed soon after they have been posted. This is why we are encouraging members to use this website.
Green Team Committee
The Green Team organizes clean up events to help pickup the trash on the trails to try and keep a cleaner greener River Ranch. Events are generally held every few months with prizes and cookouts usually held afterwards.
(photo: Cleanup Ride)

The Green Team is also in the works organizing events to help cleanup wet ponds and to educate members about said ponds. They are also trying to set up an event to help mark the wet ponds so that other members know not to ride in those sensitive areas.

If you are interested in more information about the Green Team please contact your District Director.