Important Documents

In order to try to make it a little less confusing we are no longer providing documents on our website to fill out ahead of time when either renewing or having a new membership.  If you are renewing your membership there is only one page that you will need to sign but it will need to be witnessed by a gate employee.  You will also need to bring a copy of your paid property taxes.  If you are a new member you will have a membership packet that will be given to you at the front gate with all the pertinent information that you will need.  We will provide a limited power of attorney form and the updated material and equipment form.  These two forms can be downloaded and filled out as needed.

 Privacy Statement

 RRPOA By-Laws

Child Limited Power of Attorney - Needed to bring children in under the age of 18 when you are not their parent or guardian

Material and Equipment form (2013)

Child Waiver

Adult Waiver

RRPOA Rules 2021 - 2022